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GLP in practice

Whitehall Training launches new Good Laboratory Practice course

Safety testing of drugs can be a contentious issue – testing of non-pharmaceuticals is even more so. Opinions are especially polarised where the test systems are live animals. Understandably, such practices are tightly … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 30th May 2014

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Education Social Care

Mental health referral delays and rejections put pressure on teachers

In 2017-18 at least 55,000 referrals to children’s mental health services (Camhs) were rejected or considered inappropriate. In the same year, there were almost 200,000 referrals in total – up 26% when compared with 2013-14. The … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 9th October 2018

guide dog with trainer

The Ethics of Guide Dogs

For over 80 years guide dogs have been aiding blind people to live more active and fulfilling lives. However, a recent discussion on ITV’s popular breakfast show ‘Good Morning Britain’ raised the question; “is training … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 19th November 2018

Medical Device

FDA launches four case studies to explain medical device regulation

The National Medical Device Curriculum is a set of four fictitious case studies intended to help academic institutions and medtech companies understand US FDA’s medical device regulatory … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 18th July 2014

Education Social Care

University Mental Health Day

University Mental Health Day Mental health is increasingly on the agenda for policy makers and health practitioners, but one group of society seems to be at an ever increasing risk of developing mental health problems, students. University … Read More

by Sophie Griffith, 7th March 2019

Ethics Research

Squirrels on toast and Covid-19

There is a common misconception about free speech.  Everyone DOES have the right to an opinion. However, everyone DOES NOT have the automatic right for their opinion to be taken seriously. I could firmly believe … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 17th July 2020

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What happens to other research when all eyes turn to Covid-19?

Coronavirus research is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but what about non-Covid medical trials? With resources channelled into treatments for the pandemic, what impact is this having on other research projects? Infonetica … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 7th May 2020