At Infonetica…

We understand that your needs are dynamic and diverse, so our products are too. Whether you need to run ethical reviews and approvals, track human tissue samples, manage clinical research or train your staff in compliance or care, Infonetica has the software solution for you.

The ability to conduct your business ethically isn’t just an ideal, it’s a necessity.

We’re all aware of the high profile cases of failed, or non-existent, ethical processes. Infonetica’s solutions are here to ensure that never happens to your business.

As the need to provide transparency grows, we have found that organisations from an increasingly diverse range of backgrounds, including sports, are using our expertise to ensure they meet the growing ethical demands of their industries.

Infonetica envisages a future where companies from all backgrounds turn to ethical review systems to manage their business’s ethics.

Infonetica’s solutions have managed almost two million research ethics applications and our dedicated in-house team of developers continues to guarantee that our solutions always stay ahead of the problem. We ensure that we can cater to the needs of clients, both big and small.

So whether you need to train, manage or track, Infonetica has the software solution for you!