Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and is known for outstanding clinical research. It accounts for more than 40% of biopharmaceutical R&D investment in Canada. With the launch of Clinical Trials Ontario’s (CTO) ‘streamlined’ approach for the ethics review and trial oversight, Ontario became an even better place for clinical research.

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CTO was set up in 2012, CTO to provide “a streamlined approach to conducting multi-centre clinical trials in Ontario, while maintaining the highest ethical standards for participant protection.” It took an important step towards achieving this goal when it launched its CTO Stream online review system – based on Ethics RM.

After a full competitive tender, CTO selected Ethics RM to provide the electronic solution to support its streamlined approach for ethics review and oversight for multi-centre clinical trials. CTO works collaboratively with a wide range of different institutions, sponsors, investigators, REBs, and other communities. Whilst they have similarities, they all have unique ways of working and different resources and priorities.

Developing a system that would be embraced by everyone was considered to be quite a challenge. One of the key features that attracted CTO to work with Infonetica, was the flexibility of Ethics RM.

“Ethics RM proved to be the right system to serve our complex environment in Ontario, and Infonetica was the right company to help us meet our goal of delivering a high quality system on time and on budget”

Susan Marlin – CTO president & CEO

Unlike the competition, the system could be tailored by the administrators to work just the way they wanted and minimal technical training was required to start configuring the system. With other systems, the software company usually needs to make changes. This can work out to be time-consuming, costly and tends to encourage users to make do with something that isn’t really what they want.

CTO was quickly able to begin developing its own smart application forms. The smart forms are intuitive and ensure that researchers and ethics board members across Ontario focus only on the questions that matter.

Infonetica worked closely with CTO every step of the way, continuously reviewing feedback and requirements, to design new features and functionalities that CTO could use going forward. Furthermore, the implementation of a regular update cycle ensured that all fixes and enhancements were delivered in a timely manner.

CTO Stream was officially launched on 4th March 2015. CTO and Infonetica are still working closely together, continually refining and developing a system that has the functionality and flexibility to work for every ethics board and individual researcher across Ontario.