NHS Scotland, is the publicly-funded healthcare system in Scotland, and one of the four systems comprising the UK National Health Service. It operates fourteen territorial NHS boards across Scotland, seven special non-geographic health boards and Public Health Scotland (formerly NHS Health Scotland).

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NHS Research Scotland (NRS) is a partnership of Scottish NHS Boards and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Scottish Government, working to ensure NHS Scotland provides the best environment to support clinical research. Since 2008, it has used ReDA to run around 1,500 medical trials at any time, with 35,000 to 40,000 participants per year. As such, a robust approach to clinical trial management is essential.

“We run the full spectrum of clinical trials. Having a united data source for the entirety of clinical research going on in Scotland provides invaluable Management Information.”

Ian Anderson – NRS-CMT/NRS Information Services Manager

ReDA gives the organisation valuable clarity in terms of Key Performance Indicators such as approval times and it intends to incorporate more financial information into ReDA to supplement the data it already captures.