Why our product is the best

Whether being used by a social-sciences unit performing surveys or a multi-discipline international university with high- and low-risk studies – Ethics RM is the perfect solution for all ethics reviews.


Ensure researchers complete all the nessessary responses to the ethics review questions designed by you, attach the relevant documents and have their application signed by designated signatories.


Automatic workflow to support multi-committee organisations. Make sure the right applications go to the right places whilst administrators keep track of committee progress.


Records kept of everything done in the system to help manage, audit and improve organisation processes as well as meet governance regulations..
Screenshot of ERM's work area on a laptop

Expedite approval process


Access applications online at any time, make comments, arrange meetings, send correspondence and letters.

Customizeable Dashboard

Tile based dashboard to help visualise where applications are and who they are with during different stages in the review process.


Never miss a deadline with email notifications, task reminders and updates to applications.

Stay in Control

Secure User Authentication

Keep control with secure user authentication and audit. You decide who can create an account and their level of access to ensure a controlled and secure environment.

Configurable Workflow

A fully customizeable, scaleable workflow engine that can include multiple committees, so the right applications go to the right people.


Build a system as complex or as simple as needed. Add as many committees, members, processes, forms etc. as your organisation requires.
Screenshot of ERM's form builder on a laptop
Screenshot of ERM's reporting dashboard on a laptop

Help Researchers

Ethics Review Form Designer

In built with full version control so changes to applications can be made easily, swiftly and with confidence. Build questions with dependencies, insert inline help and prevent submission prior to completion.


Multiple channels of communication between reviewers and researchers available along with inline form comments, full letter generation and email integration.


Easily review all parts of your process from applicant data through to timelines and Reviewer performance with the use of the Advanced Reporting module along with the brand new Dashboard Reporting.

Technical Specs


Web Based

Built for the Web using resposive design, the system is supported on all major browsers, on all devices.


Regular updates and improvements applied, thanks to the agile development methodology followed.


Data stored in Europe’s largest purpose-built data centre and encrypted using the latest SSL protocol TLS 1.2 in transit.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Fully supported active directory integration through the use of ADFS or Shibboleth, popular amongst universities.

Backup and Recovery

Feel safe with hourly, weekly and monthly data backups, along with off site high availability.

Full Audit

From authentication to page access, logs are presented in an easy to understand format, along with date stamps.

What Clients Say

Ethics Team

Monash University
“Committee Members needed minimal training and even senior, non-computer literate staff found it simple to use.  Academic staff needed no training at all – the true test of Success!” [Case Study]

Ethics Team

Cranfield University
"The system has been live for almost six months and has been very resilient. The technical support team at Infonetica are very helpful and quick to respond. Both reviewers and applicants find Ethics RM highly intuitive." [Case Study]

Patricia Henley

Quality & Governance Manager @ LSHTM
“With ERM, we’ve been able to streamline processes, improve workflows and send out notifications and letters automatically, based on application status.”