Why our product is the best

Tailor our clinical trial management system to meet your requirements, capturing and presenting the information you need.


ReDA is a versatile clinical trial management system with a variety of configuration options to ensure the product can fit your individual requirements.


ReDA gives you complete control over your research portfolio, with real time reporting on the status of your research.


Track trial performance against all key performance indicators with our CTMS, especially the all-important First Participant Recruited deadline.
Screenshot of ERM's work area on a laptop

Expedite process


Use our CTMS to manage your studies, sites, investigators and patients in the work area. Facilitate access to activities and tasks specific to the end user.


Customise various parts of the system including governance targets, research sites, financing activities, costing elements, Research Advisory Groups etc. to meet your unique requirements.


Set automatic alerts and emails when key milestones are hit like “first patient recruited” or specific criteria like DSURs, are met for each study.

Stay in Control

Secure User Authentication

Manage access to your system with secure user authentication and audit. Configure users with role based permissions limiting user access to trials, sites and what types of activities they can carry out.

Real-time tracking

Keep control of every clinical trial, and view its history, including key milestones you decide.

Powerful Reporting

Use the powerful report builder to create the reports you need at the click of the button.
Screenshot of ERM's form builder on a laptop
Screenshot of ERM's reporting dashboard on a laptop

Get the most from your product

Effective Support

We offer comprehensive user training, data migration from existing systems, telephone support and online assistance, plus user group development meetings.

Public-facing trial data

Create a live searchable database of clinical trials to aid recruitment with ReDA Portal.


Helpdesk cover designed to be there just when you need it from our centres in the UK.

Technical Specs


Web Based

Built for the Web using modern technologies, the system is supported on all major browsers on all devices.


Regular updates and improvements applied thanks to the agile development methodology followed.


Data stored in Europe’s largest purpose-built data centre and encrypted using SSL protocol in transit.


ReDA is accessible from any web-enabled device at anytime; with role based permissions for selective user access.

Backup and Recovery

Feel safe with hourly, weekly and monthly data backups along with off site high availability.

Full Audit

From authentication to page access, logs are presented in an easy to understand format along with date stamps.

What Clients Say

Martin Harris

Senior Information Services Manager
"In June 2016 and after completing a robust procurement process, we were pleased to announce Infonetica as our chosen supplier to provide Wales Local Portfolio Management System. Since that time, Health and Care Research Wales have collaborated with Infonetica to develop and configure ReDA 3 to ensure it meets the needs of research support and delivery teams across Wales."

Ian Anderson

Information and Quality Manager
"ReDA has proven to be a robust and easy-to-use system for NHS Research Scotland. Since inception it has helped drive improved governance and data capture with Infonetica providing flexible and reliable support." [Case Study]