Why our product is the best

Whether you need tissue tracking for a biobanking facility or are just handling human tissue samples – Tissue Auditor is the most effective way to manage every sample in any storage unit, through any web-device.


Create a virtual storage facility that perfectly reproduces your labs using our drag-and-drop interface. Then fill it with virtual containers – you can even add photos of the real versions for simplicity.


Define your own samples types using custom attributes and model your entire facility for storage. Create custom forms for checking out samples and enforce your own validation rules.


Track the history of every sample and sub-sample using the timeline, including who booked them in and out, where they were stored, what attributes were changed etc.
Screenshot of TA's advanced search on a laptop

Expedite process

Barcode and RFID Compatible

Save time and effort using pre-created labels, using RFID tags or your own 1D or 2D bar code printers. Alternatively create your own labels with whatever human or machine-readable information you need.

Bulk Processing

Handle batches of samples quickly and easily using Excel import of sample data or Tissue Auditor’s own powerful processing tools.

No steep learning curve

Tissue Auditor is incredibly easy to use with no specialist IT knowledge needed to get the best from the system.

Stay in Control

Secure User Authentication

Keep control with secure user authentication and audit. You can tailor user access, including exactly which samples they can see and what types of activities they can carry out.


Create a perfect virtual replica of your storage facilities – no matter how complex. Even if they span more than one site.

Real-time Tracking

Keep control of every sample, and view their history – including where they have been stored, the location of sub-samples and aliquots etc.
Screenshot of TA's sample storage on a laptop
Screenshot of TA's sample details on a laptop

Ease Compliance

HTA Compliant

Fully compliant with the Human Tissue Act 2004 (c 30).

Full Audit Trail

Report on any sample and those that were stored nearby or present data by named user. Easily identify all samples with common characteristics. Drill down into any sample’s history simply and easily.

Secure Document Storage

By keeping all relevant documents on the system you can easily cross-reference permissions, licences, contracts and samples for complete transparency.

Technical Specs


Web Based

Built for the Web using modern technologies, the system is supported on all major browsers on all devices.


Regular updates and improvements applied thanks to the agile development methodology followed.


Data stored in Europe’s largest purpose-built data centre and encrypted using the latest SSL protocol TLS 1.2 in transit.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Fully supported active directory integration through the use of ADFS or Shibboleth popular amongst universities.

Backup and Recovery

Feel safe with hourly, weekly and monthly data backups along with off site high availability.

Full Audit

From authentication to page access, logs are presented in an easy to understand format along with date stamps.

What Clients Say

Dasman Diabetes Institute

"Research should be of benefit to the community as well as the researcher.

From the inception of the Tissue Bank Core Facility, Tissue Auditor has been an essential tool for us to manage every possible step of sample movement."